Piano Moving

Moving a piano can be a daunting task, whether it’s being moved to a new location or simply being moved within a building. The size, weight and fragile nature of the instrument require specialized knowledge and equipment.

Attempting to move a piano on your own can be risky and may result in damage to the instrument or injury to yourself. It’s best to hire experienced professionals who have the expertise and equipment necessary to move the piano safely and efficiently. They can help you to plan and execute the move, ensuring that the piano arrives at its destination in good condition.

Why Choose Our Piano Movers

There aren’t many companies that specialize in transporting large and fragile cargo, such as pianos, but it’s important to find a reliable and experienced one. Moving a piano requires a special approach and careful handling, as it’s a fragile and heavy musical instrument. 

Regular movers may not have the necessary expertise to properly remove and transport pianos, especially from tight spaces. Channal Movers is a professional moving company that has been in business for a long time, with movers who have extensive experience and a proven track record of professionalism.

At Channal Movers, you can request the transportation of pianos or grand pianos. The cost will depend on the type of instrument, as larger and heavier pianos require more movers to lift and transport them safely.

Our Recommendations 

  • It’s crucial to be cautious when moving a piano because it can cause serious injuries or even fatalities if it loses balance 
  • After moving a musical instrument in cold weather, it’s important to avoid immediate removal of the wrapping material. Instead, let the instrument reach room temperature before unpacking it. It’s also crucial to readjust the instrument after transportation, especially if it was moved during the winter. In this case, it’s recommended to wait at least a week before tuning the instrument

Additionally, it’s a smart idea to consider storing the piano in a long-term storage facility until you’re ready to install it at your new address. When you’re ready, the moving company can deliver it to your desired location